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If you need to get back to a regular session with Firefox, you can re-enable all the standard GUI goodness by running one quick command:

:set go+=mTB

  j  scroll down one line
  k  scroll up one line
  h  scroll to the left
  l  scroll to the right
  G  bottom of the page
  gg  top of the page
  Ctrl-f  scroll down one page
  Ctrl-b  scroll up one page
  gt  next tab
  gT  previous tab
  g0  first tab
  g$  last tab
  o  open URL (prompts for URL or string to be passed to default search engine)
  t  open URL in new tab (prompts for URL)
  T  open in new tab (shows current URL for editing)
  :q  close tab
  :qall or ZQ  quit Firefox without saving session
  :xall or QQ  save session and quit Firefox
  / string search for string on the current page
  :help  open Vimperator’s help
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